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Taking black & white photos is my great love, but I also like Sepia.

I am using a Nikon P900 camera (& I love it) but using the nostalgic sepia setting, I find the my photos are never in focus. 2 of these photos have been taken with this setting and the other 2 have been altered to sepia using a photo altering programme. As you can see the altered photos are a lot clearer & more in focus.

So, I would love some constructive input as to what I’m doing wrong, please. As I would love to be able to use this sepia setting more.

Thanks in advance.


Nostalgic Sepia Setting on camera 1


Nostalgic sepia setting on camera 2


Altered to sepia 1


Altered to sepia 2



11 thoughts on “Sepia, Help

  1. Hi Jacqueline, looking at the photos I don’t think it’s anything you’re doing, rather I think it’s probably the sepia filter doing it in camera… it almost looks like a kind of soft-focus effect, which probably makes sense if it’s trying to simulate an old fashioned style. I’d guess it’s some kind of noise reduction removing too much detail, some of the filters on my Olympus cameras do the same kind of thing.

    I don’t think it’s something you can adjust unfortunately as I don’t think you can change the settings for a filter. So you’re probably best to keep editing them yourself in that case. There are some easy editing programs that have filters quite like this effect as well so that might be another way to do it if you just want something quick and easy.

    I really like the last photo of the house, it’s very timeless-looking and works great in sepia. Very striking!

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    • Thank you for this information, greatly appreciated. I have tried adjusting the camera, but nothing seems to work, so I guess I’ll just have to deal with it or edit myself. Yes, I did think that possibly it was meant to turn out like that, but after looking at other sepia photos, a lot sees much sharper. Oh well I shall plod on lol, thank you again :o)


  2. I would love to help.
    Am not sure about the camera or the setting you have used but what I would suggest is this;
    Shoot regular colour images, then open the images in some editing program on your computer such as Photoshop, am sure there are many others with similar controls.
    Open the image then convert to black and white.
    Then go to the colour balance control and add a few degrees of red and a few degrees of yellow, as much or little as you like, result sepia.
    Keep a note of the degrees of colour for future images although lighter images and darker images will not be the same.
    In Photoshop this is the sequence
    Open image
    Image-Adjustments-Black and White
    Image-Adjustments-Colour Balance
    Most other image editing software would have a similar process am sure.
    I hope that helps, if confusing then feel free to mail me, let me know which programs you have and maybe I can suggest something.

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    • Thanks John :o) much appreciate the help. I do have an editing programme but I don’t use it very much, this technique you’ve suggested, I have done with the last 2 photos and yes it does work lovely :o) it was just that I wondered if I could get this same effect with my actual camera, lol but I’m gathering I can’t. Thank you very much again. regards, Jackie

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  3. To work in black and white, sepia, or monochrome you might try using Googles NIK program named SilverEfex. It is free since Google purchased it. Included is a set of filters designed to simulate most common 35 mm film (Kodak, Agfa) and ISO. I am old enough to have learned on 35mm film and the filters are very accurate.

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  4. Hi, Thanks for stopping by and following my travel and photo blog. I see several people have commented on a solution to your sepia images. I will also recommend NIK Silver Efex 2. I use it for a lot of conversions to black and white and it has many creative options.

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