Park Turns Into Lake (8 photos)

Our local park was flooded the other day, due to heavy rain, it is quite unusual for Western Australia at this time of year. So instead of running around on the grass, you just have to paddle around in the water & have fun.


Bench & Ice


Whilst in Fremantle recently, we found this lovely hill of ice, so of course children will be children and had to climb it, sit on it and move it to a nearby bench to sit on it again. such fun.

The Dancers

There was a dance performance held at the Kwinana Rotary Fair on Saturday, Great fun had by all & of course children just couldn’t resist the opportunity to dance along to the music as well.


New Scooter Invention

dscn1278dscn1281dscn1282dscn1283I happened to come across these young guys out & about the other day.

I was quite intrigued with the use of a baby car seat, strapped tightly to a scooter :o) unfortunately I didn’t get to see it in use.