After The Fire

Here in Australia we live with the threat of fire every day, during summer. Our natural bushland does thrive on these fires for its rejuvenation, but unfortunately many are lit purposely. Sadly¬†wildlife and people’s homes come under a real threat of being destroyed. The photos here are of a local fire, possibly lit by arsonists the week before Christmas.¬†dscn8702dscn8708dscn8699dscn8698dscn8709




Young Little Pied Cormorant



Southern Giant Petrel

I want that catch

Whilst holidaying in Busselton (Western Australia) recently I was lucky enough to photograph a couple of the wonderful seabirds that are frequently spotted around the Busselton Jetty.

Magpies in Australia

Today I was able to take a few shots of the famous Australian Magpie. This is a beautiful bird, but they have a rather bad reputation (in Spring ) of swooping down on anyone or anything that happens to come near to their nest/young. They also make a very unique noise. The third photo is a young Magpie, he hasn’t got his full colouring yet.