Sand, Grass & A Broken Tree



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Christmas Cat & Dog’s


Hardy under the Christmas tree


Karma & Pugsley are all ready for Christmas

Running Postman

(Kennedia prostrata, commonly known as Running Postman or scarlet runner, is a species of flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, endemic to Australia. It is a prostrate or twining shrub which can spread to a width of 1.5 metres and has light green leaves that comprise 3 rounded leaflets with undulating edges)

While taking my dog’s for a walk last night, I came across this beautiful native ground cover.

Big V Little

My dog “Karma” is a Bernese Mountain Dog and she can be quite stubborn at times, so for little people to take her for a walk can be quite difficult. This is an episode that happened yesterday at the park. (no one was hurt and both of the children were laughing.) I thought that these six photos made for a great essay.

Some of our animals