Playing with my new light box.




Unknown Berries




Unknown Berries




Lisianthus (My Favourite Flower)

Often known as a “poor man’s rose”, the lisianthus is a truly beautiful flower for cutting and for garden appeal. As an annual, lisianthus blooms just one season, although some gardeners in very warm climates have had success in coaxing annuals to bloom again. Experiment, if you live in a warm area, and you may get several seasons of beautiful blooms!
Lisianthus comes in a wide variety of colours, although purple, pink and white are the most common. Stunning varieties which include colour borders are readily available; these make striking bouquets or focal points for your garden. This compact flower (plants range from 15 to 70 centimetres) looks very much like a rose, although some varieties are distinctly different. Leaves are elongated, somewhat resembling those of a tulip.dscn8973dscn8979dscn8983dscn8984dscn8992dscn8985

The Flying Bug

One of my cat’s brought this guy inside last night. It was very much alive, just scared. I have no idea what it is. I’ve looked up hundreds of Bug’s, Insect’s, Flying things, Moths, Flies even Beatles but have still found nothing the same as this guy. (3cm long x about 1cm wide, not including his wings)

We took him outside, so that he could fly away and not be tormented by the cat.


Dogs at the Busselton Market

Whilst I was visiting the Busselton markets on the week-end. I was delighted to meet and photograph

a lovely variety of gorgeous dogs, it made my day.