Park Turns Into Lake (8 photos)

Our local park was flooded the other day, due to heavy rain, it is quite unusual for Western Australia at this time of year. So instead of running around on the grass, you just have to paddle around in the water & have fun.


Pink & Grey Galahs

DSCN0157DSCN0178DSCN0182DSCN0185DSCN0135These very chatty birds are native to Australia. Lots of people have them as pets & they can learn to talk quite well. This flock were having a feast on grass seeds at a local park that they frequent regularly. A large flock can be very noisy but also very beautiful to watch.

The Park’s Cat

One of our cat’s followed us to the local park yesterday. She seemed quite at home on the children’s play equipment, it was quite funny to see her.

Rockingham on a Sunday afternoon

Rockingham is a very popular place to go on a Sunday. Plenty of wonderful restaurants and a beautiful ocean view.