Dog’s on Busselton beach


Whilst on a long week end trip to Busselton, Western Australia, recently, I was lucky to be able to spend some time on a local beach and it just happened to be a very popular place to take your dog.


Watching The World Go By.


This is my next door neighbours dog “MANA” he is a beautiful white boxer, with lovely blue eyes.  He loves to lie down and just watch the world go by from under the garage door.


The Cat In The Pot

This is one of my three cat’s, his name is Hardy & he is nearly 2 years old. As with most cat’s he gets up to all sorts of crazy things that continuously keep us dscn0396dscn0398dscn0399-jpgzzzamused . I just love taking photos of him.

My Three Cat’s

These are my three rescue cat’s. Laurel & Hardy were found abandoned at 4 weeks, under a shipping container at a factory and then almost 1 year to the day Maggie was found in exactly the same place, she’s approximately 1-2 years old. All three were skin & bone, filthy and fairly wild.  Now they are all beautiful, loving and a part of our family.