Some Water Birds



The Little Corella, Having a Drink.

The little corella (Cacatua sanguinea), also known as the bare-eyed cockatoo, blood-stained cockatoo, short-billed corella, little cockatoo and blue-eyed cockatoo, is a white cockatoo native to Australia and southern New Guinea.[2] It was known as Birdirra among the Yindjibarndi people of the central and western Pilbara. They would keep them as pets, or traditionally cook and eat them. The downy DSCN0153DSCN0154feathers are used in traditional ceremonies and dances where they adorn head and armbands.

The can be very chatty (noisy) and gather in large groups ( hundreds at a time) they can also be quite the fool, hanging up side down from treeĀ branches, squawking and flapping their wings. They really are one of Australia’s fun loving birds.


I have driven past this unusual piece of artwork numerous times. It’s outside an office block in Rockingham, Perth, Western Australia. So today I decided to take the time grab some photos. (the actual colour is bright yellow) but of course I like it in black & white.

Rockingham on a Sunday afternoon

Rockingham is a very popular place to go on a Sunday. Plenty of wonderful restaurants and a beautiful ocean view.